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Diversity Coders offers personalized-

  • Web Apps – from simple websites apps to Enterprise-level, mission-critical apps.
  • Data Analytics – Excel, Access, SSRS, Tableau.
  • Database Services– Design and deploy MySQL, Microsoft or Oracle SQL databases, including views, triggers and stored procedures and functions.
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Business Apps


Routerbout is an enterprise class, mission critical, routing and chain of custody web application. Items such as parts, packages, or even services, can be routed from location to location. Parts may be items in a manufacturing build, or piece part used in a repair service, or pure services or other deliverables in a project.

The interface is easy to use by just about anyone in work environment who receives and forwards items and services. Routerbout is currently available as a demo. Click on the link or More Info for a demonstration.


TABC Bar Sales



Current and historical Texas mixed beverage barsales, as reported to Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC). The report lists mixed beverage sales by City, Zip Code, Bar Name and TABC License.

Choose to display sales for a particular
  • reporting Month/Year
  • sales graphed over time
  • sales indexed by Calendar Month
The data reporting is powered by the open sourced BI package Metabase. The data dates back to October of 2013.


Flight Simulator Adventure Compiler (FSAC)

FSAC is a tool that makes it easy to create adventures and missions in Microsoft's still popular Flight Simulator game. You create your own Flight adventures which:

  • set and release brakes
  • control engine throttle
  • check/deploy aircraft configuration
  • ...and many more aircraft functions

Adventures may be training lessons you develop, flight challenges you design, or a script which augments a flight plan, such as executing co-pilot activities.